About Aria Mechatronic Panel Making

Mechatronics Industrial Group with more than 15 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and production of billboards is currently one of the largest manufacturers of billboards. Mechatronics with modern and advanced equipment and having skilled and capable personnel is one of the few sign making centers where all stages of manufacturing, production and repair of billboards are done in general. In addition to manufacturing and selling billboards, Mechatronics is also engaged in the preparation and distribution of billboard parts for colleagues. This collection carries out specialized repairs of all parts and modules of billboards.
Led Advertising panel
Production, sale, installation and repair of LED panels
Chelnium advertising panel
Flexi advertising panel
digital screen advertising

Production of all kinds of billboards

Quality production, specialized repairs and principled installation

Importing billboard parts

reasonable price

Providing the best quality billboards
Delivery as soon as possible


Request advice or offer a price


Telephone or in-person consultation

۳.Face-to-face meeting and understanding

Face-to-face meeting and understanding

۴.Signing a contract

Signing a contract

Exporting billboards to neighboring countries

Mechatronics panel work team

ebrahim akbariInstaller
Ali eisa ahmadi
Ali eisa ahmadiManagement
Original designer and management

Features of our products and services

  • low price
  • International quality
  • Specialized on-site repairs
  • Telephone and in-person support
  • free consultation
  • Valid warranty
  • The best in Iran

Product sales statistics

Flexi billboards
Chelnium billboards
Mosque digital clock
Production of billboards
Install billboards
Billboard repair

professional design

Professional design of billboards with advanced software
Number of repairs
Number of installations performed
Number of boards produced
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